Rules of Decorum and Public Hearing Policy

Inland Port Authority Board Meetings are a place for people to feel safe and comfortable while participating in the civic process. A respectful and safe environment allows meetings to be conducted in an orderly, efficient, effective, dignified fashion, free from distraction, intimidation, and threats to safety.

The public can address the Board about any matter they wish during the public comment section of a meeting. The Board may also hold public hearings, where the public is invited to speak about a specific topic the Board is currently considering.

To speak during either, you’ll be asked to follow these rules:

  • Fill out a comment card.

  • Your name will be called when it’s your turn to speak and you’ll have three minutes to share your thoughts.

  • Upon recognition by the Chair or Board Member Chairing the meeting, the speaker shall approach the microphone, address the Chair and give their name and note whether they represent an organization.

  • All public comment shall be directed to the Chair.

  • No person addressing the Authority during the public comment period shall be allowed to comment more than once per comment period.

  • There may be times when a Board Member may request a point of personal privilege from the Chair to ask a question or make a brief remark, but generally the public comment portion of the meeting is designed for constituents to speak and the Board to listen.

Each agenda published by the Authority shall contain a summary of the rules and policies for public comment.

In order to support a respectful meeting, items that disrupt the meeting, intimidate other participants or cause safety concerns are not allowed. For example:

  • Jeering, cheering, clapping and waving signs may intimidate other speakers and cause a disruption.

  • Generally, props and equipment are not allowed. If you have a prop or piece of equipment integral to a presentation, please clear its use with a staff member before entering the meeting room.

  • If you have questions about proper placement of recording equipment or recording in general, please coordinate this with staff before the beginning of the meeting to help ensure that it does not disrupt the meeting or make other attendees feel uncomfortable.

  • Staff may request changes to placement of recording equipment or other equipment to help facilitate the meeting.

  • If you have written remarks, a document, or other items you may want the Board to review, do not approach the dais. Instead, please give them to staff and they will distribute them for you.

  • Failure to follow these decorum rules may result in removal from the meeting.