ELectronic Meeting policy

A. These provisions govern any public meeting at which one or more members of the Utah Inland Port Authority Board (the “Board”) may appear electronically or telephonically pursuant to Utah Code§ 52-4-207.

B. The meeting notice will specify the anchor location where members of the Board not participating electronically or telephonically will be meeting and where interested persons and the public may attend, monitor, and (when applicable) participate in the open portions of the meeting.

C. Board members are permitted to participate electronically or telephonically. Board
members should give reasonable notice to the Chair of intent to participate electronically or telephonically. Any member of the Board appearing electronically or telephonically will be counted as present for purposes of a quorum and may fully participate in the discussion and vote on any matter. At the commencement of the meeting, or when any member of the Board initially appears electronically or telephonically, the Chair will identify for the record all those who are appearing telephonically or electronically. The Chair will confirm on the record any votes by members of the Board who are not at the physical location of the meeting.

Adopted by the Board on July 30th, 2018.

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